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Kilwarlin Moravian Graveyard



One particular gravestone records the death of 4Julia Carey (nee Pasche) who died 5 days after giving birth to 5†Henry Pasche Carey and 13Julia Pasche Carey. They were born on the 4th May 1865 and Henry died on June 5th 1865, aged 1 month.



4Julia Carey [Pasche] fell asleep in Jesus May 9th 1865 aged 36 years and 9 months.
5†Henry Pasche Carey, born May 4th 1865, departed June 5th 1865.
6Joseph William Carey, Presbyter of the Unitas Fratrum, departed Decr 23rd 1876 aged 49.

In memory of 7Sarah Anne Carey, born 6th March 1830, died 21st May 1882.

In memory of 8Catherine Maria Pasche, Died 30th July 1919 aged 86 years.


Also included in the same grave is Julia’s Husband, the Reverend 6Joseph William Carey, he is referred to as “Presbyter of the Unitas Fatrum” or Minister of the United Brethren (Moravian). Born in Dublin January 31st 1826 to the Rev John Carey and Jane Keary. He was educated at Horton and Gracehill, and was Minister at the Bristol, Ayr, Kilwarlin (approximately 1864-1873) and Kilkeel churches. He died in Belfast on December 23rd 1876.


There is an entry in the church minutes of the families’ arrival at Kilwarlin on the 27th July 1864. 6Joseph William and 4Julia Carey and four children, 9Joseph, 10John, 11Maria and 12Jane. The most notable of these children was 9Joseph William Carey Junior (1859-1937) who was later to become a famous painter and illustrator. His most important work as an artist was 13 scenes from Belfast history on Canvas for the Ulster Hall in 1903 (restored in 1989). Ulster History Circle (2002).

The coloured numbers correspond to an individual recorded in the inscriptions, baptisms, marriage and burial records etc.



On the 4th May 1865, in the Baptismal register of the church, the births of 5Henry Pasche Carey and 13Julia Pasche Carey are recorded, witnesses are John Carey, 6J W Carey, 7Sarah Anne Carey and 8Catherine M Pasche. 8Catherine is also recorded as a witness at the wedding of William Henry Gordan to Sarah Anna Abernetty on July 30th 1871 in Kilwarlin.


The marriage of 6Joseph William Carey to 4Julia Pasche took place in Castletown, Malew, Isle of Man on the 9th May 1855, which by coincidence was also the date she was to die 10 years later.


The Careys' first child, John was born on the 18th August 1857 but died, because three years later they are recorded as having another child whom they also named 10John, on the 6th February 1860. 9Joseph Jnr was born on January 12th 1859, 11Maria on March 3rd 1862 and 12Jane on the 8th November 1863. All these baptisms were recorded in Ayr, Scotland.


After the death of his wife, 6Joseph Carey remarried Matilda Jane Hayden, in Newry United Brethren on January 16th 1867. His father is recorded as John Carey with the Minister also recorded as the Rev J Carey.


There is an inscription for John Carey, in Gracehill Moravian Church it reads:



Here lie the remains of John Carey a poor sinner saved by grace,
He believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and his precious atonement for the pardon of sin,
Peace with God and life everlasting,
therefore in the blessed hope of a glorious resurrection to bliss unspeakable,
he rest in peace,
born May 4th 1789,
fell asleep in Jesus January 27th 1867, aged 77 years 9 months.



13Julia Pasche Carey married Edwin Barry Christie, at University Road Moravian on May 28th 1888. His occupation is recorded as Clergyman: more than likely he was a Moravian Minister. Her sister 11Maria was a witness.

Family tree for William Carey
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