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Kilwarlin Moravian Graveyard

Graveyard Map

Graveyard Map, plotting the gravestones
spacerList of names



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Kilwarlin Moravian Baptisms, Burials, Marriages, & Diaries, PRONI Ref. MIC/1F/2
Letter to Mr Parry, PRONI Ref. D/671/C/133/3
Letter to the Marquis of Downshire, PRONI Ref. D/671/C/133/1

Acknowledgements With thanks to Rev Kathryn Woolford, Minister of Kilwarlin Moravian Church and Lorraine Parsons, Archivist at the Moravian Church Headquarters in London.
Picture of John Cennick from Kilwarlin Moravian Church - A Visitor’s Guide, Bishop J. H. Foy.
Picture of Rev Basil Zula from Kilwarlin Moravian Church – A Visitor’s Guide, Bishop J. H. Foy.
All other images by Andrew Vaughan.

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