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Corrick Abbey

Memorials of the McIlwaine families


Like the Hamilton stones there are also four upright McIlwaine stones in a row, and one flat stone. There are also two other McIlwaine stones in the burying ground. The surname can be found spelt as McIlwaine, MacIlwaine and McIlwain. The earliest stone now legible is of Moses McIlwain (No. 37), of Corick, who died 17th December 1860. His family of McIlwaines are known as the “Black” McIlwaines. He left a will where he mentions his sons John, Thomas, George and James and a daughter Sarah, who married John Hutchinson. His son Thomas, of Corrick, is named on the upright stone (No. 36) above the flat stone, along with his wife, Mary Anne Moorehead, their son, George, and his wife, Dora Ferguson.


The Moses MacIlwaine in No. 35 who died aged 102, is from the family known as the “White” MacIlwaines. His wife was Ann Campbell, who died 25th February 1877. His son Andrew, of Tullynadall, who was a R.I.C. head constable, died on 14th June 1883, not 1881 as it says on the stone, and Andrew’s wife, Margaret Gilmour, from Cavan, who died 3rd December 1921, are buried in No. 38. Their daughters, Elizabeth Sarah, who died 9th March 1879, and Emily Matilda MacIlwaine Gordon, son Robert and Emily’s son, Robert Gordon, are also buried here. The Gordons were from the townlands of Tullynadall and Glashygolgan, both in Upper Badoney. Emily’s husband, George Gordon, died in Canada. Emily was a gifted poet and storyteller and was active in public affairs and served on the old Strabane Education Committee. Her descendants live in Canada. It is possible there are other Gordons buried in Corrick. Robert, her brother, was secretary for Down County Council. Other members of the family are also in Canada and New Zealand.


Moses (No. 35) also had a son, George, who died on 12th September 1873, who married Matilda Steele, and a son, Moses, who married Matilda Anne Duncan. It is likely that they are also buried in Corrick. Moses and Matilda Ann had a family of ten children and their son George, of Lislea, is buried in No. 34. He married a “Black” McIlwaine, Sarah Jane, who is recorded on the stone as “Jeanie.” Two of their children who died young from influenza, Violet Adeline in 1923 and Evelyn in 1922, may also be buried here, along with George’s sister, Charlotte Louise, who died in 1877.


In No. 35 is also buried John MacIlwaine, of Lislea, who was a carpenter. His parents were John MacIlwaine, who died in 1899, and Martha McNicholl. He had brothers, Robert, who died in 1931, Thomas, who died in 19276 and a sister, Matilda, who died in 1878.


Thomas Andrew McIlwaine in No. 11 is the grandson of Moses McIlwaine (No. 37), and son of Thomas and Mary Anne (No. 36). Thomas Andrew was a farmer and auctioneer, and lived in Letterbratt House, Plumbridge. His wife is buried in Aughalane Cemetery at Plumbridge, Co. Tyrone.


Two great granddaughters of Hugh Campbell, (No. 56), who died in 1810, sisters Ellen Campbell and Eliza Campbell, both married McIlwaines. At present it is not known exactly how they are related to the “Black” and “White” McIlwaines, but Eliza Campbell, who died 6th April 1909, married on 10th May 1855 at Corrick Presbyterian Church, George McIlwaine, who died 1st October 1883. They are buried in No. 12. All their family except one, Kathleen Mary, died unmarried. Kathleen Mary married Frederick Charles Bannister. Ellen Campbell married James John McIlwaine, who died 11th May 1906.


It was reported in the Tyrone Constitution in November 1860 that an Andrew “McElwain” of Lislea South died after an accident. When he was returning from market he fell off a gangway at Newtownstewart Railway Station and landed on the rails. He left a family of nine children. It is not yet known if he was related to the McIlwaines from the same area. Perhaps he too is buried at Corrick. It would appear that his wife was called Martha.

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