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Carmavy Graveyard

History of the graveyard


Carmavy graveyard would appear to be very ancient indeed. It is situated in the townland of Grange of Carmavy (whose accepted, modern spelling is actually Carmavey). The Ordnance Survey memoir for the parish of Killead (compiled in 1838) described the graveyard in less than flattering terms, though its antiquity seemed in no doubt. According to these Memoirs, “within memory the foundations of a church stood near the centre of the burial-ground although all trace of them had for many years been obliterated”. There was a tradition in some of the neighbouring districts that this church (along with those in Dundesert and Ballykennedy, also in the parish of Killead) was burned and battered down by the rebels who took refuge or made a stand there in 1641.

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