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Kilwarlin Moravian Graveyard
Bell headstone



In affectionate memory of Ethel Mary Bell. Born April 25th 1896, departed March 12th 1954. Life-long member of University Rd. Congregation.


Annie Georgina Bell died 9th October 1892 aged 19 months. Samuel John Bell died 6th July 1894 aged 14 months. ---- Georgina Bell died 3rd December 1893 aged 24 years. Sarah Bell died 29th August 1906 aged 73 years.


Blandford headstone


Blandford – An extremely rare English surname


In loving memory of Eliza Blandford, widow of the late Rev. H. E. Blandford, Bishop of the Moravian Church, who fell asleep July 10th 1914 aged 60 years.


Blythe - Unusual surname, found in the householders index; Belfast (1), Antrim (2), Down (6), Tyrone (7), Monaghan (1) and Offaly (1). The midlands surname is from Irish origin; otherwise it is of English origin.


Erected by 14Margaretta Blythe in loving memory of her father 15Adam Blythe, died 12 August 1889 aged 63 years.  And her sister 16Jane, born 3rd November 1867, died 2nd September 1886.  And *Edith, born 13th July 1880, died 4th February 1900.


In loving memory of 14Margaretta Blythe who died 4th June 1931 aged 60 years. Erected by 14Margaretta Blythe, in loving memory of her sister 17Hessie Rebecca, born 30th August 1872. Died 20th December 1903. 18Rebecca Jane Blythe who died 6th October 1930 aged 85 years.


Baptismal Register


15Adam and 18Rebecca Blythe are recorded as having at 5 Children recorded in the baptismal register:


  • October 10th 1867, 16Jane daughter of Adam and Rebecca Jane Blythe, Rev J W Carey
  • December 11th 1868, 19Arthur John son of Adam and Rebecca Jane Blythe, Rev J W Carey
  • November 5th 1870, 14Margaret daughter of Adam and Jane Blythe, Rev J W Carey
  • July 30th 1872, 17Hessie daughter of Adam and Jane Blythe, Rev J W Carey
  • August 28th 1874, Anna Mary daughter of Adam and Jane Blythe, Rev J H Reichel

    *Edith was born outside the dates of the church baptismal register 1845-1876.


    Marriage Register


    15Adam Blythe, aged 30, Farmer from Lisadian married 18Rebecca Jane Scandrett, aged 21, also from Lisadian. Fathers Robert Blythe and Thomas Scandrett. Witnesses are 41Robert Scandrett and Jane McLeavy; Rev J W Carey performed the marriage on August 3rd 1867 at Kilwarlin.


    Burial Register


    Jane Blythe, April 20th 1851 aged 17 years.
    Robert Blythe, January 12th 1864 aged 82 years.
    Jane Blythe, April 2nd 1864 aged 68 years.
    16Jane Blythe, September 12th 1886 aged 19 years.
    19Arthur John Blythe, July 4th 1886, no age recorded.




    Blythe, 15Adam (05/08/1889:Down) 1890.


    Ordnance Survey memoirs, Parish of Hillsborough, P.102. Memoir by T. C. McIlroy, July 1837.


    List of subscribers to Hillsborough Charitable Society 1836-7


    Lisadian: Robert Blythe 10s.

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