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Kilwarlin Moravian Graveyard

McLeavy - Rare in Ulster, it is recorded in the Householders index in Armagh (3) and Down (1).


In loving memory of 30John William McLeavy, born October 18th 1848, died January 5th 1892 aged 43 years. Also of his infant son born August 18th 1874, died August 29th 1874. Also his wife 31Lilian Masterman Barber, born near York, May 28th 1853, died June 29th 1927. Their eldest son 32John Silburn and his wife Mary V Robertson who are interred in Hillsborough Churchyard.


33John McLeavy, born September 28th 1806. Died March 26th 1897.

In memory of 34Jane McLeavy, born April 13th 1809, died April 27th 1889. Also her sister Margaret McLeavy, Who died August 11th 1839, aged 17 years.


Margaret McLeavy is the earliest recorded date of death on a gravestone.


35Mary McLeavy, born 12th Dec 1812, died 4th July 1868. Her infant children Alice Jane Scandrett, Thomas James. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.”

Mary McLeavy departed this life August 21st 1840 aged 21 years.

Alice McLeavy departed this life Octr 11th 1840 aged 65 years.


Baptismal Register


May 7th 1846, Anne Zula daughter of 33John and 35Mary McLeavy.
October 18th 1848, John William son of 33John and 35Mary McLeavy.
June 26th 1850, James Scandrett son of 33John and 35Mary McLeavy.
July 12th 1855, Thomas James son of 33John and 35Mary McLeavy.
August 17th 1872, Lillian Mary daughter of 30John William and 31Lillian McLeavy.
August 22nd 1873, 32John Silburn son of 30John William and 31Lillian McLeavy.
August 29th 1875, George Carlisle son of 30John William and 31Lillian McLeavy.


Marriage Register


Joseph Edmund Hutton, a Widower and Minister from Strand Gardens, Belfast, to Amy Elizabeth McLeavy from Corcreeny. Fathers are Robert Hutton also a Minister and 30John William McLeavy a farmer. The marriage took place in Kilwarlin August 19th 1903 and was performed by Rev H P Mumford. Witnesses are Robert Ernest Hutton and Margaret A McLeavy.


William Robertson an Actuary from 12 Lonsdale Terrace, Belfast, to Kathleen Elizabeth McLeavy from 44 University Street, Belfast, married in University Road Moravian on 29th June 1910. Fathers are recorded as Richard Robertson a seed merchant and 30John William McLeavy a Farmer. Witnesses are 32John Silburn McLeavy and Margaret McLeavy.


John Walker a Farmer from Corcreeny and Margaret McLeavy also from Corcreeny, married in St John’s Church of Ireland, Kilwarlin on the 9th June 1864. Fathers are Thomas Walker a farmer and 33John McLeavy. Witnesses are 33John McLeavy and Thomas Scandrett, marriage performed by Rev H B St George.


John McKitrick a Book Keeper from 22 Lonsdale Street, Belfast, to Anna Julia McLeavy from Corcreeny on 18th February 1870 in Kilwarlin Moravian Church. Fathers are Alexander McKitrick a farmer and 33John McLeavy also a Farmer. Witnesses are John McKitrick and Jessie Brown, married by Rev J W Carey.


Burial Register


Thomas James McLeavy, December 7th 1855 aged 5 months.




McLeavy, 34Jane (27/04/1889:Down) 1889.


Ordnance Survey memoirs, Parish of Hillsborough, P.102. Memoir by T. C. McIlroy, July 1837.
List of subscribers
Corcreeny: 33 John McLeavy 1 pound



Moxon – An extremely rare English surname.


The infant daughter of 36George and 37Susan Moxon, born 18th April 1855.

No record of this is recorded in the baptism or burial register of the church. 36George Moxon was the Minister of Kilwarlin between the years 1852-1855 and the Moxons' are recorded in the baptismal register of the church as having a child by the name of Harriet Susan daughter of 36George and 37Susan Moxon, 28th December 1852.





Confirmations from the Kilwarlin Register: George Alexander McCORRISTON, a married man, 22 May 1904


Excerpts from the Register of St. John's Moravian Church, Kilwarlin, Co. Down, Ireland: Burials in Kilwarlin


Entry / Grave / Name / Age / Died / Buried


79 / 3A / Ellen Mc Corriston / 46 / 08/10/1946 / 13/10/1946


9 / 3A / Robert George Mc Corriston / 78 / 24/02/1974 / 26/02/1974


116 / 1D / Brian Mc Corriston / 46 / 11/04/1996 / 13/04/1996


(Thanks to Helen Turner for this information)


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