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Graveyard Information

Donaghadee CI

County : Down

Denomination : Church of Ireland

Graveyard Name : Donaghadee CI

Civil Parish : Donaghadee

Town / Townland : Donaghadee

OS Reference : J589799

Other Information : The parish church and graveyard of Donaghadee are situated in Townparks townland at the end of Church Lane which branches off the High street The early history of the church is unknown but it was flourishing in 1306 along with churches of Haytona (Ballyhay), Ralfetona (Ballyrolly), and a chapel of St Kolman (possibly Grangee) Even the site of these three institutions has now been lost Templepatrick, also in the parish of Donaghadee has survived as a graveyard though the church and, more recently, the holy well have now gone The church was built in 1626 by Hugh, Viscount Montgomery, but only the ground and first floor of the present west tower were incorporated in the modern building In 1833 the tower was completed at the expense of Daniel Delacherois and in 1881 a major enlargement of the church was made with considerable rebuilding This involved re-orientation of the chancel which is now to the south The bell was given in 1877 and the clock added in 1892 The west transept is raised to accommodate the Delacherois vault underneath, the entrance to which can be seen on the outside There are many memorial tablets in the church and the,modern stained glass windows have memorial inscriptions All with dates prior to 1914 have been copied They include 2 fine armorial stones, one to Adair (qv) and the other with the Montgomery arms is listed at the end The baptismal and burial registers date from 1771, though there is a gap in the burials from 1786-1816 The marriage register runs from 1772 and there is an additional record of marriages between 1775 and 1777 There are also detailed records of the history of the parish from 1778 The baptismal and marriage registers of First Donaghadee Presbyterian church date from 1822 and those of the Second Presbyterian church date from 1849/50 In addition the Methodist church has registers dating from 1827 The graveyard is extensive and densely packed with graves It is very uneven and no satisfactory plan of maintenance has yet been devised In general the older stones are near the church on north, east and south sides and some of these have been re-set in the path or its surround The only vaults in the graveyard are the above-mentioned vault under the south transept and another standing nearby also to the Delacherois family An unnamed vault near this was demolished a few years ago as it had become dangerous Memorials of the Dead, vii, 271, in one of a series of articles by Francis and Philip Crossle, gives a detailed history of the parish His sources are the local records together with 'The Montgomery Manuscripts', Harris, Lewis and Lavens Ewart Most of the older stones in the graveyard are transcribed in MD but, as always, some were missed during this recording, some have been lost subsequently and there are typographical muddles Entries in Memorials of the Dead are in II, 62 (quoted from Harris); V, 176, 353; VI, 57, 252; VII, 271, 536; VIII, 37, 258, 511; IX, 32, 445; X, 13, 181; XII, 31 Beside the gate is a tablet with the inscription: 'This gate is the gift of Francis Allen, Esqr to the parish of Donaghadee on ye 2 ----- 1711.

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