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War Memorials



1. A useful introduction to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which includes an outline guide to its cemeteries and memorials in T. A. Edwin Gibson & G. Kingsley Ward, Courage Remembered (London, 1989).

2. Irish war memorials are discussed in my essay, ‘The Great War in modern Irish memory’, in T.G. Fraser & Keith Jeffery, Men, Women and War (Dublin, 1993), pp 136-57, and my book, Ireland and the Great War (Cambridge, 2000).

3. See the marvellous book on New Zealand: Chris Maclean & Jock Phillips, The Sorrow and the Pride: New Zealand War Memorials (Wellington, 1990).

4. Lurgan Mail, 28 July 1923. I am grateful to my former student, Mr Aidan Barry, for researching the Lurgan war memorial for me.

5. The story of the Lurgan memorial can be followed in the war memorial committee minutes preserved in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI, LA 51/16AB/2).

6. Lurgan Mail, 22 Nov. 1924.

7. Quotations from Irish National War Memorial, Ireland’s Memorial Records (Dublin, 1923), and Nicola Gordon Bowe, The Life and Work of Harry Clarke (Dublin, 1989).

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