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Templecorran Graveyard

The Templecorran Graveyard Project


The Templecorran Graveyard Project was established by the village community group in 1994 and marks significant graves in categories including Early Presbyterian, Village Life, Overseas Links, the 1798 period and the Services. Included among these are around fifty graves, many of them of wider significance such as those of Rev. Brice, James Orr and General Sir James Steele, a prominent Ulster army officer of the Second World War.


Clergymen who are marked as part of the project include Rev. John Bankhead, who was minister of the village’s Presbyterian congregation for almost 70 years, was married twice and had 22 children. The actress Talulah Bankhead was said to have been a descendant. Bankhead was a native of Clough in County Antrim and was born in 1738 and died in 1833. His son, Dr. Charles Bankhead, was personal physician to Lord Castlereagh. Among other clergymen interred in the graveyard are Rev. Thomas Bartley (Presbyterian), who was a native of County Monaghan and is buried with his three successive wives, and Rev. Moore Getty and Rev. W. G. Marsden (Non-Subscribing Presbyterian). There is at least one instance of clerics from the area who were ministers elsewhere, as is the case, for example, with Rev. Alexander McGiffin, who died weeks after being ordained to the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian congregation in Ballymena, in October 1867.

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