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Headstones and Causes of Death



The influenza epidemic of 1918 is reputed to have killed more people that World War I.  It clearly decimated the Taylor family of Ballywalter, taking John Taylor, aged 42, and his three sons aged 15, 17 and 20.  It is not clear why this epidemic was so severe in its effects, when it is now rarely fatal, except in babies and the frail elderly.


Whitechurch graveyard, Ballywalter, County Down


[White limestone in a low-railed enclosure] Erected by Annie Taylor in loving memory of her dearly beloved husband John Taylor who departed this life 28th Oct 1918 aged 42 years Also her three darling sons:- Jim died 21st Oct 1918 aged 20 years, Rob died 19th Oct 1918 aged 17 years, Sam died 24th Oct 1918 aged 15 years, all being victims of the 'flu Also her darling son Joseph Taylor, died 24th Jan 1957 aged 41 years Also the above Annie Taylor, died 16th June 1960 aged 83 years "Thy will be done".


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