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Shankill Graveyard, Lurgan, Co Armagh

Last Interment in Mausoleum


The of the last members of the Brownlow family to be laid to rest in the vault was Lady Jane nee McNeill of Barra, the 4th daughter of Colonel Roderic MacNeill she died on 6 January 1878, and was the last surviving daughter of one of the most ancient and powerful families in the Western Hebrides. She was the second wife of Charles, Baron Lurgan, and the mother of the second Lord Lurgan who was the owner of the famous racing greyhound Master McGrath. Her daughter, the Hon. Clara Anne Jane Chamberlayne Brownlow, married Mr William Macdonald, of St Martin and Rossie, Perthshire, colonel commanding Perthshire Highland Rifles, She died in London on 16 December 1883 and was buried in Glenshee.


In the 1950s, while on a visit to the town, George, 4th Baron Lurgan, had a new tablet bearing an English translation of the epitaph to William Brownlow inserted into the exterior wall. It reads as follows:


“The remains of the family of Brownlow (not ignoble from its foundation) rests here, Elizabeth (of the most noble family of Abercorn) the illustrious widow of William, who died in 1737, took care to build this tomb as a monument of her affection. He did not require the honour of a tomb, who by his own design and almost at his own expense, raised a grand temple dedicated to Christ, was constantly at public worship, not as a guest of the church, but as an inhabitant of the town. Hither he invited the needy by his charity and by his meek persuasion and by his example. Nor was he wanting in conjugal affection and parental love, of all perhaps he was first and second to none, Stranger, Remark! That whatever he may now be, it is easy to imitate his virtue so that the gate may be found open to you”.

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