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Irish Gravestone Inscriptions, Tracing your Irish Ancestors: A seneschal of Lurgan
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Shankill Graveyard, Lurgan, Co Armagh

A seneschal of Lurgan


As far as can be ascertained there were only three memorials bearing coats of arms in Shankill. All three have been vandalised to such an extent that they are damaged beyond repair. The most legible is the O’Reilly head stone, now broken in three pieces at rear of the Brownlow mausoleum, bearing the family coat of arms, emblazoning: Two lions rampart combating or supporting a dexter hand at the wrist and apaumee bloody proper. The head stone is of red sandstone possibly imported from Galloway in Scotland, the text in Latin is inscribed in finely inscribed Roman lettering:


“Here lies buried Jane O’Reilly; she lived uprightly in wedlock with Myles O’Reilly, twenty five years and she departed this life the 14th day of December 1715, in her 54 year of her age in memory of whom stands erected at the expense of James O’Reilly, her warlike son, and eldest by birth.”


The name Jane inscribed on the headstone is referred to as “Jannet ye wife of Myles Rely” in the parish burial records that also reveal the death of a son “Myles Rely chyld, 28th August, 1687”. Myles O’Reilly was seneschal of the Manor of Brownlowderry in the late 17th and early eighteenth centuries. He died 15 May 1735, and was buried with his wife and child in Shankill.


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